Youth UnMuted



A world in which the voice of every young person is elevated and valued, enabling youth to act as agents of change within their own lives and communities

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Empowering youth

We believe that every young person deserves to be heard, particularly those who are marginalized and have been forgotten by global audiences. We seek to empower these young people and elevate their voices by creating an online platform to showcase their creativity, and share their voices with the world.



Building partnerships

We partner with local organizations to conduct week-long customized creative storytelling workshops with the young people they serve. We offer and incorporate a variety of creative mediums including stop-motion film making, photography, music, yoga, meditation and more. 

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Publishing youth stories

The youth narratives created through Youth UnMuted workshops are compiled in the form of an online magazine distributed locally and internationally. Youth have the opportunity to submit their personal creative works, and each organization can showcase their current initiatives engaging with the young people they serve.



Youth UnMuted facilitates week long creative storytelling workshops using stop-motion filmmaking, photography, music, writing, and poetry.


Pilot Phase: May - June 2018

The pilot phase took place from May to August 2018 on the island of Lesvos Greece with three partner organizations; Office of Displaced Designers, One Happy Family, and Mosaik Support Center. During this time, Youth UnMuted reached more than 300 youth, lead a collaborative community mural, and co-hosted a community showcase.


Winter Workshops: October - November 2018

The winter series took place from October to December 2018 and was based out of Athens with two partner organizations: SolidarityNow and METAdrasi. During this time, Youth UnMuted reached over 500 youth, created weekly ‘zines with the participants, and traveled to three camps, two community centers, and one educational center.

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Migrant Birds

Migrant Birds was created during our workshop with the up-cycling team at Mosaik Support Center. The video depicts small origami birds made of maps moving from their country of origin and making their way towards Lesvos. The origami boats symbolize those arriving on the shores of Lesvos and then the birds make their way to Moria Camp - the bird cage. The audio is of the Polyphonica Mosaik Children’s Choir.